My Week in Magic (11/07/16)

GP Dallas Fort Worth

I just got back from playing Modern at GP Dallas Fort Worth.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t test much for it this week like I should have.  After the PPTQ season over the summer and playing Modern at GP Indianapolis I didn’t really want to play Modern anymore.  I did one league on Magic Online, went 1-4, and didn’t play another match of Modern until the event.  Instead I kept draft Kaladesh, because draft is great and the format is pretty sweet.

Similar sentiment was abundant in the pro community as well.

Seth Manfield also wrote on article on his GP prep where he said at one point, ‘Do these sound like fun games of Magic? I say they really aren’t.’  That basically sums up my experience with the format lately as well.  He was referencing playing with and against Dredge.  He recommended that if you don’t play Dredge, you should play something that can win very quickly – like on turn 3.

I decided to run Infect and I’ll have a tournament report going up about the weekend soon.  I made Day 2, but dropped before the end of the day on Sunday.

At the end of day 2, Eric Blanchet and I got into the last side event draft of the day.  My draft deck ended up being one of my favorite decks from this format so far.  It was a great version of my favorite archetype, build around the black artifact-matters cards.  Here’s the list that went 6-0 in games.


And that was my week in Magic.

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