My Week In Magic (12/19/16)

I’ve been forgetting to do my weekly recaps lately but I’m back!

GP Milwaukee
I spent a lot of time preparing for GP Milwaukee. The work paid off as I was within striking distance of top 8 heading into the final draft pod. I finished in 40th overall, good for my first GP cash finish. I had a lot of fun at the event and can’t wait to go to more limited GPs – I just hope we get more of them on the schedule in the future!

I tried to roll that Kaladesh sealed practice into success at the MOCS Open this past Sunday. This was an open tournament, meaning it did not require any qualification to enter. I joined 550+ other players for the online event where the winner got an invite straight to the Pro Tour (no RPTQ stops here!). I opened an ok pool that was surprisingly similar to my Milwaukee pool. I had an aggressive deck filled with lots of creatures and a low, aggressive curve. Unfortunately it was also plagued by the same issue – not having much removal or many combat tricks to back up the aggressive starts and push through damage. In fact, this pool was even worse in that regard and didn’t have evasive creatures either. I decided I had to splash a third color to get some spells in my deck. I was plagued by mana issues and an inability to close games all day. After a round 1 loss, I battled back to 4-2 but was already out of top 8 contention. After a 3rd loss, I dropped from the event.

Here was my deck for the event:

A Magical Christmas
I joined the members of Team Blightsteel at Merrymac Games and Comics for an end of the year Christmas party. I was too late to participate in the gift exchange, but it was really fun to watch. Each member of the team was a ‘Secret Santa’ for another member and had to curate a 15-card booster pack for that person to open. It was a lot of fun to see the creativity and thoughtfulness put into the project and watching the reactions as some of the packs were opened. We ended the night with an Eternal Masters draft where I got destroyed by GP New Jersey Legacy Top 8’er Joey Santomassino’s x2 Isochron Scepter x2 Swords to Plowshares deck. What a way to celebrate the holidays.

Now it’s time to enjoy a small break from tournament Magic, reflect on 2016 and start making new goals and plans for tournaments in 2017!

And that was my week in Magic!

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